RecMat’s Commitment to Women’s Rugby: Sponsoring Gravesend Women’s Rugby Club for the 23/24 Season


In a commendable move towards supporting local sports and fostering the growth of women’s rugby, RecMat, a prominent recycling company in Gravesend, proudly announces its sponsorship of the Gravesend Women’s Rugby Club for the upcoming 23/24 season. This partnership marks a significant step towards promoting inclusivity and empowering female athletes in the Gravesend community.

RecMat: Champions of Women’s Rugby Development

RecMat’s decision to sponsor the Gravesend Women’s Rugby Club underscores its unwavering commitment to the development of women’s rugby in the region. The company recognises the importance of promoting gender equality in sports and is dedicated to providing the necessary resources to help female athletes thrive in the world of rugby.

Supporting Local Talent and Recycling in Gravesend

Gravesend Women’s Rugby Club has long been a symbol of local talent and community spirit. With RecMat’s sponsorship, the club can further nurture and showcase the exceptional skills of female rugby players in the Gravesend area. This partnership is a testament to the company’s dedication not only to sports but also to recycling in Gravesend, emphasising their role as responsible corporate citizens.

Empowering Female Athletes

Women’s rugby has been steadily gaining popularity worldwide, and RecMat recognizes the significance of empowering female athletes. By supporting the Gravesend Women’s Rugby Club, the company contributes to creating opportunities for women to excel in a traditionally male-dominated sport. This sponsorship will enable the club to provide enhanced training, coaching, and facilities to its members, fostering a new generation of rugby stars.

Promoting Community Engagement

RecMat’s sponsorship of the Gravesend Women’s Rugby Club is more than just a financial commitment; it’s a promise to engage with the local community actively. The partnership will involve collaborative events, workshops, and initiatives aimed at promoting recycling in Gravesend and encouraging community involvement.

A Win-Win for Women’s Rugby and Recycling in Gravesend

This partnership between RecMat and the Gravesend Women’s Rugby Club represents a win-win situation for the community. It not only strengthens the club’s ability to compete at the highest level but also aligns with RecMat’s vision of promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility. The company believes that by investing in women’s rugby and recycling in Gravesend, they can help build a brighter and more inclusive future for the entire community.

In conclusion, RecMat’s sponsorship of the Gravesend Women’s Rugby Club for the 23/24 season is a testament to their commitment to the development of women’s rugby and their dedication to promoting recycling in Gravesend. This partnership promises to create lasting positive impacts, empowering female athletes and fostering a stronger, more sustainable community.