We Partner With Only The Best

At RecMat Ltd, we believe that collaboration is at the heart of achieving the best results in waste removal and groundworks. We are proud to partner with Griffin Groundworks, a respected name in the field, to provide comprehensive services in Gravesend and beyond. This partnership represents a harmonious synergy where our expertise in waste removal meets Griffin Groundworks’ prowess in groundworks.

Seamless Waste Removal in Gravesend

Griffin Groundworks has chosen RecMat Ltd as their trusted partner for waste removal on all their projects. This partnership ensures that every groundworks project they undertake in Gravesend is complemented by efficient and responsible waste management. From construction debris to recyclables, we handle it all, guaranteeing a smooth workflow for every job.

Commitment To Efficiency

Our partnership with Griffin Groundworks extends beyond just waste removal. If any groundworks projects come our way, we turn to Griffin Groundworks as our go-to contractor. This approach ensures that clients receive a full suite of services without the hassle of dealing with multiple providers. It’s a commitment to efficiency that simplifies project management for everyone involved.

Griffin Groundworks’ expertise in groundworks is well-known in Gravesend, and we are proud to support their initiatives. Whether it’s excavation, foundation work, or any other groundworks project, our partnership allows us to work together seamlessly, providing clients with a comprehensive solution that covers every aspect of their project.

Supporting Local Organisations

At RecMat Ltd, community involvement is at the core of our values. We proudly sponsor a variety of local events, including sporting competitions, to support and celebrate our vibrant community. Additionally, we actively seek partnerships with local businesses, sourcing supplies and services from our neighbours whenever possible.

This commitment not only strengthens our community but also promotes economic growth and sustainability, echoing our dedication to responsible waste management and resource utilisation. We believe that fostering strong local connections is a vital part of our mission to make a positive impact on the places we serve.

Mechanical Movements

RecMat Ltd is proud to have had a longstanding partnership with Mechanical Movements, a trusted provider of specialist mechanical and electrical plant movement services in London and across the UK for over 30 years. With a sterling reputation for excellence, Mechanical Movements stands as the preferred choice for firms seeking expert solutions in plant movement projects and contract lifting.

Backed by an impressive inventory of top-of-the-line equipment and supported by a team of highly skilled and experienced full-time operatives, Mechanical Movements offers unparalleled efficiency and reliability to clients, regardless of the project’s scale. Their commitment to delivering superior service aligns seamlessly with RecMat Ltd’s dedication to providing comprehensive and high-quality waste management solutions. Through this enduring partnership, RecMat Ltd continues to uphold its promise of excellence while meeting the diverse needs of clients across various industries.

Gravesend Rugby Club Women’s Team

RecMat Ltd takes immense pride in sponsoring the Gravesend Rugby Club women’s team, reaffirming our commitment to supporting local sports and community initiatives. As advocates for inclusivity and empowerment, we believe in the importance of promoting women’s participation in sports and fostering a sense of camaraderie within our community. By sponsoring the Gravesend Rugby Club women’s team, we aim to provide them with the resources and support they need to excel on and off the field.

Gravesend Rugby Club’s women’s team embodies values of teamwork, dedication, and perseverance – qualities that resonate deeply with RecMat Ltd’s own ethos. Through this partnership, we not only celebrate the spirit of sportsmanship but also strengthen our bonds with the local community. As a responsible corporate citizen, RecMat Ltd remains committed to making meaningful contributions to the community and supporting initiatives that promote health, well-being, and inclusivity for all.

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