Promoting Mental Well-being: RecMat’s Commitment to Mental Health Awareness Week


At RecMat, we recognise the importance of mental health and its impact on overall well-being. As Mental Health Awareness Week approaches, we are proud to join the global effort to raise awareness and support for mental health issues. This year’s theme, “Mental Health Matters,” resonates deeply with our values, and we are dedicated to promoting mental well-being in our workplace and beyond.

Throughout Mental Health Awareness Week, RecMat will be implementing various initiatives to support the mental health of our employees and community members. From organising mindfulness workshops to providing resources on stress management and resilience-building, we are committed to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and supported.

As part of our commitment to mental health awareness, RecMat will also be launching a social media campaign to share stories, tips, and resources related to mental well-being. Through engaging and informative content, we aim to break down stigma, raise awareness of mental health issues, and promote open and honest conversations about mental well-being.

In addition to internal initiatives, RecMat will be collaborating with local mental health organisations to support their efforts in providing vital services and support to those in need. By partnering with these organisations, we hope to amplify their impact and contribute to creating a more mentally healthy community for everyone.

As we observe Mental Health Awareness Week, RecMat reaffirms our commitment to prioritising mental well-being and creating a supportive and compassionate environment for all. Together, let’s continue to raise awareness, promote understanding, and support each other on our journey towards better mental health.