Welcoming Hannah Griffin: A New Chapter in Family-Centric Excellence at RecMat Ltd


RecMat Ltd is delighted to announce the newest addition to our team, Hannah Griffin, who joins us as our Office Manager. Adding a touch of family connection, Hannah is the sister of our company owner, Bradley Fry. This appointment not only strengthens our operational capacity but also reaffirms our commitment to being a family-centric company, dedicated to excellence in large bin rental in Kent.

A Familiar Face in the Family

Hannah’s arrival at RecMat Ltd marks a significant milestone, emphasising our family-oriented approach to business. With Bradley at the helm and now, with the inclusion of Hannah, our commitment to a familial work environment is more apparent than ever. This connection brings a unique dynamic to our company culture, fostering a sense of trust, cohesion, and shared values.

Office Management Expertise

In her role as Office Manager, Hannah brings a wealth of expertise in office management, administration, and customer service. Her skills are poised to enhance the efficiency of our internal operations, ensuring that we continue to provide seamless services, especially in our core offering of large bin rental in Kent.

Family Values, Professional Services

At RecMat Ltd, our family values extend beyond our familial connections to how we treat our clients. By incorporating family values into our professional services, we prioritise integrity, reliability, and a personal touch in all interactions. Hannah’s role as Office Manager aligns perfectly with these values, reinforcing our commitment to excellence in large bin rental while fostering positive relationships with our clients.

Continued Dedication to Excellence

The addition of Hannah to our team reaffirms our dedication to excellence in waste management services. Whether it’s large bin rental or other waste solutions, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality, customer-focused services. Hannah’s presence is an integral part of our ongoing commitment to streamline our operations and enhance the overall client experience.

Building on a Strong Foundation

As we welcome Hannah to RecMat Ltd, we look forward to building on the strong foundation laid by our family-centric ethos. With Bradley and Hannah working together, we are poised to continue growing as a company that not only provides top-tier large bin rental services in Kent but also fosters a workplace where family values and professional excellence coexist harmoniously.

In welcoming Hannah Griffin, we invite our clients and partners to experience the next chapter of family-centric excellence at RecMat Ltd. As we continue to grow, our commitment to providing unparalleled large bin rental services remains unwavering. Join us in this exciting journey, where family values drive professional success.