Versatile Bin Sizes for Every Project: Your Waste Management Solution


Waste management is a critical component of any project, and selecting the right bin size can make all the difference. At RecMat Ltd, we’re dedicated to providing large bin hire in Kent with a diverse range of sizes available for immediate delivery. Our inventory includes 18, 20, 30, 40, and 50-yard bins, ensuring that we have the perfect container to match the unique requirements of projects, both big and small.

18 & 20-Yard Bins: Compact Convenience

Our 18 and 20-yard bins are the epitome of compact convenience. These smaller containers are perfect for residential clean-outs and minor renovation projects. Their manageable size makes them ideal for sites with limited space, allowing you to efficiently manage your waste without a hitch.

30-Yard Bins: Versatility Unleashed

When your project calls for versatility, our 30-yard bins step into the spotlight. These bins offer a balanced capacity that can tackle a wide range of tasks, from clearing out large homes to managing waste from mid-sized construction sites. Their adaptability ensures you have the space you need for efficient waste disposal.

40-Yard Bins: Space for Substantial Jobs

The 40-yard bins in our inventory provide ample space for more substantial jobs. These containers are perfect for managing waste from extensive construction projects, major cleanouts, and commercial endeavours. Their generous capacity allows you to keep your project on track without interruptions.

50-Yard Bins: Unmatched Capacity

When you’re dealing with extensive projects, our 50-yard bins provide unmatched capacity. These large bins are designed to handle substantial quantities of waste, making them the ideal choice for large-scale construction sites and demolition projects. Their exceptional size ensures you have the room to efficiently manage your waste.

Immediate Delivery for Your Peace of Mind

At RecMat Ltd, we understand that time is often of the essence when it comes to waste management. That’s why we offer immediate delivery of our bins to your location. Our prompt service ensures that you can kick-start your project without delays, receiving the perfectly sized bin that suits your specific needs.

When you need large bin hire in Kent, look no further than RecMat Ltd. Our range of bin sizes, from 18 to 50 yards, guarantees that we can accommodate projects of varying scales. With immediate delivery and our unwavering commitment to responsible waste management, our bins are the ultimate solution for your waste disposal needs. Reach out to us today to discuss your project and secure the ideal bin size for your requirements.