Honouring St. George’s Day: RecMat’s Patriotic Celebration


St. George’s Day holds special significance for RecMat as we join in celebrating the patron saint of England and the rich heritage and traditions of our nation. On this day, we proudly display the red and white flag of St. George, symbolising courage, resilience, and the spirit of England.

At RecMat, St. George’s Day is a time to reflect on our English identity and heritage while also celebrating the diverse and vibrant communities that make up our country. As a company deeply rooted in the local community, we take pride in our English heritage and embrace the opportunity to celebrate our national identity.

To mark St. George’s Day, RecMat participates in various community events and initiatives that promote English culture and traditions. From organising flag-raising ceremonies to hosting traditional English tea parties, we strive to engage with our community and foster a sense of pride and unity.

In addition to celebrating St. George’s Day, RecMat also takes this opportunity to support local businesses and artisans, showcasing the best of English craftsmanship and creativity. Whether it’s purchasing locally-made products or sourcing materials from English suppliers, we are committed to supporting the local economy and promoting sustainable practices.

As we come together to celebrate St. George’s Day, RecMat reaffirms our commitment to our English heritage and values. Through our continued support for local communities and our dedication to environmental sustainability, we honour the spirit of St. George and the timeless traditions of England. Join us in celebrating this special day and embracing the pride of being English.