Navigating Regulatory Changes: Non-WEEE Derived Cable


In a recent development, the Environmental Agency (EA) has reclassified non-WEEE derived cable, marking a significant shift in waste classification standards. This alteration, effective from December 1, 2023, stems from comprehensive research conducted by the EA on cables.

To adapt to this change, the EA issued Regulatory Position Statement (RPS 276), allowing organisations like RecMat to continue accepting non-WEEE derived cable. However, the key implication of this reclassification is the introduction of a hazardous waste designation for non-WEEE derived cable.

Understanding the Impact

For those in the recycling and waste management sector, including RecMat Ltd, this shift has operational and compliance implications. When delivering non-WEEE derived cable to facilities, it is now imperative to accompany loads with a hazardous waste consignment note (HWCN). This regulatory document ensures that the transportation and disposal of such cable adhere to the newly assigned hazardous waste status.

Please see listed below the respective EWC codes for each cable grade we buy below to aid ease of completing your HWCN.

EWC Code Description
17 04 10* Singles
17 04 10* Household Cable
17 04 10* Low grade copper cable
17 04 10* Aluminium cable
17 04 10* Cable with attachments
16 01 21* Wiring Looms
17 04 10* PVC PYRO

How RecMat Ltd Can Assist

At RecMat Ltd, we understand the importance of adapting to regulatory changes promptly and effectively. Our team is equipped to handle the disposal of old cable responsibly and efficiently, ensuring that our clients navigate these altered waste classification standards seamlessly. By adhering to the requirement of hazardous waste consignment notes, we guarantee that your non-WEEE derived cable is managed in accordance with the latest environmental regulations.

As the landscape of waste management evolves, RecMat Ltd remains committed to providing sustainable and compliant solutions. Trust us to be your partner in responsible waste disposal, offering expertise in navigating regulatory nuances while prioritising environmental responsibility. If you have questions or need assistance in disposing of non-WEEE derived cable, don’t hesitate to reach out. We are here to ensure your waste management processes align with the latest industry standards.