Efficient Chiller Removal in London: RecMat’s Latest Project on Fenchurch Street


This week, the RecMat team successfully executed a complex chiller removal in London at a site on Fenchurch Street. The project involved not only the intricate process of lifting and transporting the chiller but also the comprehensive management of mixed recycling materials from the site. Our expertise in handling such projects ensured a seamless operation from start to finish.

The first phase of the project involved the careful removal of the chiller from the rooftop of the building. Given the bustling nature of Fenchurch Street, our team meticulously planned the lift to ensure safety and efficiency, minimising disruption to the surrounding area. The precision and expertise of our team were crucial in executing this challenging task, showcasing our capability in handling large-scale removals in busy urban settings.

Once the chiller was safely removed, it was transported to our facility for decommissioning. At RecMat, we prioritise environmentally responsible practices, and decommissioning the chiller involved safely extracting and recycling all usable components while disposing of any hazardous materials in compliance with environmental regulations. This meticulous process underscores our commitment to sustainability and our role as a responsible waste management provider.

To further support the site’s cleanup, we provided a 40-yard bin for the removal of all mixed recycling materials. This service ensured that all waste generated during the chiller removal was effectively sorted and recycled, reinforcing our dedication to promoting eco-friendly practices. The efficient handling of the mixed recycling materials not only cleared the site promptly but also contributed to reducing the environmental footprint of the project.

RecMat is proud to offer comprehensive services that cover all aspects of waste management and recycling. Our recent chiller removal in London at Fenchurch Street is a testament to our ability to manage complex projects with precision and environmental responsibility. For reliable and efficient waste management solutions, RecMat is your trusted partner.