Introducing the Giants: 30 and 50 Yard Bins Ready to Tackle Gravesend’s Waste


Gravesend’s waste management landscape just got an upgrade with the arrival of two new colossal additions to the RecMat Ltd fleet. We’re thrilled to introduce our 30 and 50-yard bins, which are set to make a significant impact on waste collection and recycling in the area.

The Power of Size: 30 and 50 Yard Bins

When it comes to handling substantial volumes of waste and recyclables, size matters. Our new 30 and 50-yard bins offer a capacity that can accommodate even the most demanding waste disposal and recycling needs in Gravesend. These bins are ready to take on the challenge and are perfectly suited for a wide range of projects, from construction sites to large-scale commercial operations.

Efficiency and Sustainability

With our commitment to responsible waste management and recycling in Gravesend, these large bins play a vital role in our mission to minimize environmental impact. The efficiency of these containers reduces the frequency of pickups, lowering fuel consumption and emissions. In addition, the ability to collect and process more waste and recyclables in a single container enhances sustainability efforts.

Tailored Solutions

The introduction of 30 and 50-yard bins adds versatility to our waste management services. Whether you’re working on a construction site generating substantial debris or running a commercial establishment with extensive recycling requirements, these bins offer a tailored solution. Their capacity ensures that your waste is collected and processed efficiently, saving you time and resources.

50 Yard Bins in Gravesend: Meeting the Demand

Gravesend, like many urban areas, faces growing waste management challenges. Our 50-yard bins are designed to address the increasing demand for effective waste disposal and recycling solutions. By providing these larger containers, we can assist businesses and organisations in meeting their sustainability goals while maintaining the cleanliness and well-being of the community.

Join the Recycling Revolution

The arrival of our 30 and 50-yard bins signifies our dedication to enhancing waste management and recycling practices in Gravesend. We invite you to join us in the recycling revolution, where efficiency, sustainability, and responsible waste management take centre stage. Contact RecMat Ltd to explore how these new bins can streamline your waste management processes, reduce environmental impact, and contribute to a greener Gravesend. Together, we can make a positive difference in our community.