Expanding Our Fleet: Introducing New 40 & 50 Yard Bins


At RecMat Ltd, we’re constantly striving to meet the evolving waste management and recycling needs of our clients. We’re excited to announce the arrival of our new 40 and 50-yard bins, now available for hire in Kent. These additions to our fleet represent our commitment to providing efficient and sustainable waste management solutions tailored to your requirements.

The Power of Size: 40 & 50 Yard Bins

When it comes to waste disposal and recycling, size matters. Our new 40 and 50-yard bins offer expansive capacity to accommodate substantial volumes of waste and recyclables. These larger bins are ideal for industrial projects, construction sites, and commercial enterprises with significant waste management demands.

40 Yard Bin Hire in Kent: Versatility Meets Efficiency

Our 40-yard bins strike the perfect balance between size and versatility. Whether you’re managing a renovation project, clearing out a large commercial space, or handling construction debris, these bins offer a versatile solution. They’re designed to make waste collection and recycling in Kent more efficient and convenient.

50 Yard Bin Hire in Kent: Meeting the Demand

With the growing demand for sustainable waste management solutions, our 50-yard bins provide the extra capacity required to meet the most extensive waste management needs. These bins are well-suited for large-scale projects and industries where efficient waste disposal and recycling are critical.

Sustainability at the Core

We’re dedicated to environmental sustainability, and our new bins are no exception. The efficiency of these containers reduces the need for frequent pickups, leading to reduced fuel consumption and emissions. By choosing 40 or 50 yard bin hire in Kent, you’re contributing to a greener and more sustainable approach to waste management.

Tailored Waste Management Solutions

The introduction of our 40 and 50-yard bins allows us to offer tailored waste management solutions to our clients. Whether you require short-term hire for a construction project or long-term rental for a commercial facility, our bins can be adapted to your unique needs.

Join Us in Responsible Waste Management

RecMat Ltd is proud to provide Kent with efficient, sustainable, and versatile waste management solutions. Whether you need a 40 or 50-yard bin for your project, our commitment to excellence ensures that we deliver top-tier service every time.

Contact us today to explore how our new bins can streamline your waste management processes, reduce environmental impact, and contribute to a cleaner, greener Kent. Together, we can make a positive difference in waste management and recycling.